Deb is a self-made businesswoman who values integrity, well thought out ideas, truth, communication, and living a life that matters.

After working her way up from a receptionist into an administrative assistant at the age of 30 and then into sales, Deb chose to start her own business which lead her to invest her hard earned money into real estate.

Deb built two businesses from scratch into multi-million dollar operations. The impressive part is that she did this with no formal education and as a single parent. Both businesses thrived and after 16 years Deb decided to sell her core business to fully commit to her love of real estate investing and renovating.

She attributes a lot of her success to finding and working with some of the greatest minds who taught her about manifestation, strategic planning, hope, possibility, creating, respect, action, results, kindness and love. She feels that money is empty and hollow if there isn’t a purpose with a vision in place.

Deb has beautifully restored over 100 properties ranging from single-family homes to 42 unit apartment complexes. She knows that being a real estate investor is an honor. She treats her properties and tenants like they are her family. Deb learned very early that buying and holding real estate is the best way to create wealth.

After 25 years of business and real estate investing success it was a natural progression for Deb to become a mentor, advisor and to teach other folks who have the same desire to make money and a difference by investing in real estate.

Her students range from the beginners who are making their first purchase to real estate investors that want to take their portfolio to the next level. Deb is also a master real estate renovator and loves sharing her renovation wisdom with the select few students that choose renovating and flipping properties for a living.

If you are looking to “get rich quick” Deb definitely is not the teacher for you. Her programs and teachings are grounded in sound business practices and principals. Deb will tell you herself that there is a lot of money to be made in this business. With the right strategy, plan in place, guidance, support, and accountability you can succeed. Deb knows the winning formula from all of the success she has experienced and now teaches that to her clients.

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