Another Successful Flip – 50 Bennett Street – Pee U!!!

50 Bennett Street

Each renovation project comes with it’s own special set of challenges which in my opinion keeps the business interesting. I learn something new every time!

This house was a real surprise.  It looked pretty ordinary on the outside but when we got on the inside all of that changed. The property had a small footprint on the first floor of only 1,000 feet but it had cathedral ceilings in the dining/family room area that created a spacious feel. It also had three bedrooms that were well laid out giving the feeling of a much bigger house.

The lower level was 1,000 square feet as well which was an added bonus for usable living space. Nice large yard, very nice neighborhood and the bones of this house were great!

OK the PEE U stuff! The women who lived there let her three cats use a corner of the basement as a litter box. Holy Moly – what a stench!

This house came out absolutely beautiful with my master carpenter Rick L’Huillier adding crown moldings that made the ceilings pop!

So what did we do about the PEE U stuff? We had to do quite a bit of research to find out what would work best. We scrubbed it, cleaned it with clorox, sealed it and then painted it. All of that work and you could still smell the pee-u stuff. We also had one of the wettest Spring/Summers on record which didn’t help in drying out the area. We had to douse the floor with water, baking soda and vinegar several times and use a wet vac each time to soak it up.

So in the future when I am purchasing a house to flip I won’t look so lightly on what it is going to take to cure the pee-u smell from cat urine.

What I learned about this house was how much fun it is to renovate a different style of home. This wasn’t the traditional two story property that I was use to doing.

We had a lot of fun, tried out a few new ways of using crown moldings, introduced new paint colors adding a zippy tangerine to the bathroom and helped a women out that if I hadn’t of bought the property would have lost it to back taxes.

Such a feel good project – with the exception of the smelly stuff

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