Are you buying Swampland? – Turn-Key Real Estate Investment Properties

There are many misconceptions about real estate investing that seem to have grown in the last 20 years. Potential investors are often swayed by “get rich quick” schemes. They are frequently told that they can “walk away from a closing with $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000” or that “it’s easy to buy, fix and flip a house”. None of these     read more

Love! Love! Love! Being a Landlord

If spent one day in the life of a landlord you might say to yourself “no way!” There are days when:  A bat gets into the hallway and all of your tenants are threatening to move out The new tenant’s dog howls when his owner goes to work despite the fact that they assured you their dog was quiet The     read more

Women Can Play Too! – Real Estate Investorettes!

Women are uniquely suited to be real estate renovators and investors, but what amazes me is how few are actually in the business. I can understand why some women would say “no way am I cleaning another house”, especially since most of these high-powered career-focused gals have their hands full juggling their families, their jobs and their own homes! I     read more