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Conscious Real Estate Investment – Responsible Leveraging

Knowing how to responsibly leverage your real estate investment purchase can be a powerful way to build wealth. This strategy requires access to seed money, a cash-contributing partner, or a line of credit. You will also need to have a good credit history and score so you can finance the property after you have paid cash. So you are probably     read more

Conscious Real Estate Investing

So what does “conscious” mean anyway? To me it means to be awake and aware.  As a landlord it defines how I treat my tenants and the properties I am fortunate to steward as a property owner. Believe me I know what it’s like to have very little money and pray that all of the tenants checks come in so     read more

Will this be a successful and happy New Year?

This year more than ever I have been reading about the failure behind “New Years Resolution”. In one article I read that as high as 90% of the people who make resolutions fail within the first month. I got curious about the word “resolution” as I thought this might lead me to what creates the failure of making a resolution.     read more

Genius Tip #5 – Knowing Your Resources

Real Estate Investment Resources Time to power-up your thinking: who will you need on your team to support your vision? Are they already in place, or will you need to seek them out and put them on your team as part of your plan? In building my own real estate investment vision, I needed to add several people to my     read more

Another Successful Flip – 50 Bennett Street – Pee U!!!

50 Bennett Street Each renovation project comes with it’s own special set of challenges which in my opinion keeps the business interesting. I learn something new every time! This house was a real surprise.  It looked pretty ordinary on the outside but when we got on the inside all of that changed. The property had a small footprint on the first floor     read more