Conscious Real Estate Investing – Genius Tip #1 – Know Your Vision

Real Estate Investing can create a great harvest if you know the best way to start a successful crop.

If you want a great harvest planting seeds isn’t enough.  You need to know what seeds to plant, where to plant them, when to plant them, what nutrients are best for your seeds, how to keep them free of weeds and when to harvest your crop.

When I work with clients I take them through an 8 step process before we begin.  I used this process myself for over 20 years with remarkable results.  It is the part of planting that many people either skip or don’t think is important which is making sure your soil will yield a great return from the seeds that you sow there.

The fertile ground of real estate investing is about creating a solid foundation so you have a sturdy base.  Too many “want to be” investors jump into the business buying whatever sounds good in the moment mostly driven by “it’s cheap”.  Buying cheap might sound good in the moment but what type of long term results will a cheap property yield.

I’ll be sharing several blogs about the essential steps that are necessary to being a successful real estate investor.

Tilling the ground and testing it to make sure it is healthy enough to support a crop takes time.  But does it?  How much time,effort and expense would it take to plant in contaminated soil only to find out months down the road that your hard earned investment will not yield a cent.  Taking the time upfront to plan and be mindful will yield great results as a real estate investors.  I hope you enjoy this series of videos I put together for you.  Grab a pad and pencil.  Lets begin!


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