Genius Tip #5 – Knowing Your Resources

Real Estate Investment Resources

Time to power-up your thinking: who will you need on your team to support your vision?

Are they already in place, or will you need to seek them out and put them on your team as part of your plan?

In building my own real estate investment vision, I needed to add several people to my team.  I didn’t know a plumber, electrician, contractor, realtor specializing in investment real estate, attorney, banker, accountant or bookkeeper – all pretty important resources for a real estate investor!

Of course, your resources can also include friends, relatives and neighbors.  Other valuable resources can be a book, a course, a mentor or a class that teaches you more about real estate investing.

Resources can be tangible items, too – a truck, a computer, lawn mower, ladder, tools, paint supplies and more – anything that helps you advance towards fulfilling your vision.

What resources can you use to your advantage right away?

Who is currently on your team, what information is available to you and what will you need to seek out over the next 12 months to fulfill your vision?


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