Love! Love! Love! Being a Landlord

If spent one day in the life of a landlord you might say to yourself “no way!”

There are days when:

  •  A bat gets into the hallway and all of your tenants are threatening to move out
  • The new tenant’s dog howls when his owner goes to work despite the fact that they assured you their dog was quiet
  • The tenants scratch the walls of the common hallway during their move-in right after you painted them
  • All of the washer and dryers break down
  • A tenant calls about their furnace not working and you find out they didn’t pay their utility bill
  • The newly installed under mount sink drops
  • A tenant complains about something scratching in the ceiling

We get calls like this every week from tenants and I know that these types of phone calls come with owning properties and choosing to build wealth this way.

Just this week, one of my long standing tenants called to complain about the 70 pound dog that lives upstairs. The tenant claims the dog is restless and makes a lot of noise at 5am in the morning.   He was upset and tells me it is affecting his sleep and peace of mind.  Now, this wonderful tenant is threatening to leave unless I do something about the dog.

The tenant who owns the dog told me she had given the dog to her sister because he is very old, and gets nervous when she leaves. She told me he is having a hard time making it up the 3 flights of stairs to her apartment.  So I was surprised to hear that the dog, let’s call him Charlie, was back!

So what do I do? Of course I let her know that the noise from “Charlie” has become a problem and she needs to let me know what her solution is.

Deb-Cleveland-Love-Being-Landlord-Here is a picture of what she sent me after giving it some thought:

While I don’t think this is our solution, I do love that she put some heart into solving the problem.  The sad part is that I will need to make some hard decision about having my dog-owning tenant stay and/or renew her lease.  I think both “Charlie” and my tenant would be better suited for a 1st floor unit.

In Summary

Handling tenant complaints and concerns are part of the privilege of investing in real estate.  Taking care of these calls quickly and completely is what keeps you and your tenants happy.  Even if it takes a bit of patience and tenacity to fix the issue, responding immediately works best.

Love!, Love!, Love! Being a Real Estate Investor

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