Please somebody HELP! Are there any real estate investors who care?

I love people who deeply care and have vision about their neighborhood. About a month ago I received a phone call from my agent who told me that a good friend of hers was desperate to find someone to buy the property that was going up for sale next to her home.

This women was very involved cleaning up her street and was worried that a slumlord would buy it. The house went empty when the owner decided to move out after there was a water main break on the second floor causing the floor to buckle and the ceiling to collapse. Fortunately the insurance company came in and removed all of the wet fallen debris making it easy to renovate.

I wasn’t looking for a single family to renovate but it wasn’t about that this time. It was about supporting a neighborhood that had worked hard to turn itself around. You could feel the change as soon as you drove down the street.

The current owner was a really nice man who was also interested in having the “right” investor buy this small jewel of a house. I offered him $2,000 less than the slumlord who was licking his chops thinking he had stole another one! Little did he know the seller was more interested in making a difference than making a few extra dollars.

We got to work and transformed this gem into a jewel and found a great new resident for this home.

The hero in this story is the women who cared enough to make a few phone calls to lobby on behalf of her neighborhood. She was proactive and cared about her neighbors, her community and her family.

Bedroom - After

Bedroom - Before

Kitchen - After

Kitchen - Before

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