Real Estate Investment Teachings – Genius Tips #3 – Know Your Identity

Real Estate Investment Teachings – Genius Tip #3
Your Identity as
 a Real Estate Investor

This is a series of 8 real estate investing tips. The first one was knowing your Vision where you wrote out the script of the story you will create for yourself as a real estate investor. The second tip was about knowing your purpose for investing in real estate.

Real Estate Investment Teachings – Genius Tip #3
Your Identity as
 a Real Estate Investor

What beliefs and behaviors does a successful, empowered, responsible and results oriented person possess? You may have an identity right now that doesn’t match the person you need to be successful and build wealth as a real estate investor. This is where you get to create the identity that is going to serve who you are.
What are some of the words that you will use that spark your enthusiasm, inspire your thinking, get your creative juices flowing, allow yourself to be bold and give you the right to already be that person – frankly you are!
I recognized very early in my career that being your word and showing-up gave me a HUGE advantage over any competition. My identity was “you can count on me and trust me”. This identity has served me throughout my life.
I used the GPS Program to create
my Vision around a relationship. The words I used for my identity were similar to the one I have written here. When my coach read the words I used for my identity she said I sounded like a great guy! I then looked at what identity I did want to create to be in the relationship of my dreams. I came up with words like sensitive, capturable, nurtured, cherished… and I lived into my newly created identity.
What will be the words you claim that will form your identity as a successful real estate investor?
Here are some possible words to consider: Trustworthy, Reliable, Honest, Valuable, Resourceful,
Wise, Genuine, Creative, Diplomatic, Sincere, Bold, Savvy, True, Grounded, Fun, Giving, Generous………..
Use single words to create your identity. These words will set the tone for who you will be as a real estate investor.

Make sure to write it down!

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