Real Estate Investment Teachings – Genius Tips #4 – Derailers & Overrides

Real Estate Investor Derailer & Overrides
Years ago, whenever I had a large project to complete I noticed that I diverted my attention to working on smaller, unrelated tasks – things I could feel good about completing. One of my large projects was writing my first book. You can imagine how challenging it is to fulfill a vision of this scope! So I plugged this dream into my GPS and created a detailed roadmap for the journey.

One of the first bumps I noticed is that I would occasionally get derailed by picking-up around the house, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry and other little tasks – anything but work on what I was supposed to. When I discussed this with my coach, she pointed out that I simply enjoyed the satisfaction of completing small tasks. She explained that large projects don’t offer the immediate satisfaction you get with smaller ones if you don’t invent measurable stop-points (milestones) along the way.
This insight has been extremely helpful ever since, giving me more satisfaction and a greater sense of accomplishment when I take on large projects. Now, when I find myself wanting (trying!) to get distracted by mindless chores, my shift is to simply recall the conversation I had with my coach. I reflect on my progress, refer to my year-long outline and acknowledge myself for the results I’ve achieved so far. This is the override action I take to get myself back on the court.
Do you have any habits or behaviors that no longer serve your vision? Once you’ve clearly identified these challenges, write an override action for each that gets you reliably back on track.

Knowing your Derailers and Overrides is the 4th essential step in designing your blueprint for success as a real estate investor.  The GPS Program for Real Estate Investors is specifically designed as a tool that guides you to create a blueprint that you will follow over a 12 month period to accomplish the real estate investment goal that you set for yourself.

Whether you are a first time wanting to create a plan to begin your portfolio or a seasoned investor that want to take your investments to the next level or an investor that wants to maximize the inventory you already own.  Knowing who you need to be, what is stopping you, what resources you need, creating 40 quick steps to create momentum and designing a 12 month strategy is a sure way to have the outcome you desire.

Keep an eye out for Step #5 Knowing your Resources.  The ones you need to add and the ones you need to remove.

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