Renovation Project #85 – 87 Madison Street

87 Madison Street

Renovating properties is so much fun!  When you really get into your groove each project is one big “art project”.  Of course I am about responsible investing which means financially the “art project” has to be profitable.

87 Madison was bought out of an estate where the person had lived there for a very, very long time.  What was fun and interesting about this property was the chance to play with paint colors.  This time it wasn’t about the walls although we had fun there too.  It was about painting the inside of the built in cabinet with a deep bluish purple that had glass doors.  This lit up the room adding a sense of fresh playfulness.

Once I did this I continued the same idea into the kitchen where there was old shabby chic type of cabinets were I added the same bluish purple color to surprise whoever opened these doors.

What didn’t work out so well was the color orange that I chose for the kitchen – YUK!  See even experts miss the mark once in a while.  The trick about making a mistake is to quickly correct it.  So we painted over it with a warm banana yellow which was delightful.

87 Madison sold the first week “she” was on the market for near asking price. (Yup all of my houses are ladies)
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