Genius Tip #5 – Knowing Your Resources

Real Estate Investment Resources Time to power-up your thinking: who will you need on your team to support your vision? Are they already in place, or will you need to seek them out and put them on your team as part of your plan? In building my own real estate investment vision, I needed to add several people to my     read more

How are you investing your “hard earned money?”

The folks that would make the best real estate investors are the ones that run for the hills when someone mentions the subject or even the possibility of owning real estate.  I don’t blame them as there has been so much bad press about how difficult tenants are and how much work it takes to own investment real estate. They     read more

Even Experienced Renovators Can Miss the Mark: What Then?

We just sold another beautifully renovated single family home here in Geneva, New York. It took us three months to renovate the house and six months to sell it. While that might not sound too bad, it is three months longer than my usual flip cycle. Let me tell you why this was a special case. When you are a     read more

Please somebody HELP! Are there any real estate investors who care?

I love people who deeply care and have vision about their neighborhood. About a month ago I received a phone call from my agent who told me that a good friend of hers was desperate to find someone to buy the property that was going up for sale next to her home. This women was very involved cleaning up her     read more

What A Summer!

What a SUMMER! 39 Genesee Street We bought this gem for only $30,000 and put about $40,000 worth of renovations into her which included all new kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, flooring, light fixtures and boiler. We were able to get great tenants for all three units. She sure is a beauty. 131 Whitesprings Road We were cooking this summer in Geneva,     read more

Nest Egg Meltdown – Don’t Let it Happen to You

How well are you feathering your nest egg?  When I was in my early 30’s, I started a small business from scratch. Over a period of 16 years, it grew into a $1.8 million dollar business.  This might lead you to believe that what I earned out of that business would have been enough for retirement.  However, what usually happens     read more