Another Successful Flip – 50 Bennett Street – Pee U!!!

50 Bennett Street Each renovation project comes with it’s own special set of challenges which in my opinion keeps the business interesting. I learn something new every time! This house was a real surprise.  It looked pretty ordinary on the outside but when we got on the inside all of that changed. The property had a small footprint on the first floor     read more

Renovation Project #85 – 87 Madison Street

87 Madison Street Renovating properties is so much fun!  When you really get into your groove each project is one big “art project”.  Of course I am about responsible investing which means financially the “art project” has to be profitable. 87 Madison was bought out of an estate where the person had lived there for a very, very long time.     read more

What A Summer!

What a SUMMER! 39 Genesee Street We bought this gem for only $30,000 and put about $40,000 worth of renovations into her which included all new kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, flooring, light fixtures and boiler. We were able to get great tenants for all three units. She sure is a beauty. 131 Whitesprings Road We were cooking this summer in Geneva,     read more

510 Exchange Street

Mixed-Use Buildings Can Be Great Investments 510 Exchange Street My first investment property, other than the homes I lived in, was a small mixed-use building in an up and coming urban area. Although all of the real estate investment books I read strongly suggested that a beginner stay away from this type of property I went ahead and bought it     read more

39 Genesee Street – She’s Coming Along!

39 Genesee Street is going into it’s third week of renovation. This gorgeous brick 3 unit is perfectly placed in an up and coming area of Geneva, New York. The team is cranking along with all three units gutted, new boiler installed, several ceiling removed, carpets pulled-up, door openings closed-up and larger opening created. Last week there was a push     read more