What A Summer!

What a SUMMER!

39 Genesee Street

We bought this gem for only $30,000 and put about $40,000 worth of renovations into her which included all new kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, flooring, light fixtures and boiler. We were able to get great tenants for all three units. She sure is a beauty.

131 Whitesprings Road

We were cooking this summer in Geneva, New York. We completely renovated a single house at 131 Whitesprings Road. This house was in pretty bad shape when we took ownership. My team did a top to bottom renovation which included redoing a finished basement. She came out beautiful!

She took a few months longer than usual to sell but that was because we missed the best time to sell a renovated property in a college town. Knowing your market for premium exposure to buyers when you are in renovating and flipping business is essential.

14 Pine Street

I received a call from a property manager who tipped me off about a house that needed a complete renovation. This street in has been the focus of several neighbors and investors buying up houses and improving the area. I was called because there was a threat that a slumlord was eyeing the house as it was going to be sold for less than $15,000.

14 Pine Street is completely renovated and rented to a great tenant.

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