Will this be a successful and happy New Year?

This year more than ever I have been reading about the failure behind “New Years Resolution”.

In one article I read that as high as 90% of the people who make resolutions fail within the first month. I got curious about the word “resolution” as I thought this might lead me to what creates the failure of making a resolution.

What’s missing? There needs to me a plan in place in order to add, eliminate or change anything we resolve to accomplishing. I can’t think of one thing that I made a resolution about that has been successful without one.Get Excited!

Each year I devise my New Year Plan. Saying you have a resolution and writing it are very different. Saying what you desire is dreamy – writing what you desire creates dreams that come true. Are you a dreamer or someone who lives the life of their dreams?Create a Plan

The other thing to be prepared for is the “pain” that comes with “change”. When I look at my own list each one of them is going to cause some level of discomfort. Here are some of the feelings you might be avoiding:

• Learning something new brings up feelings of inadequacy, shame, fear
• Eliminating someone or something brings up feelings of loss, sadness and the unknown
• Changing brings up resistance, fear, overwhelm and anxiety

No wonder the rate of failure is so high!

This is what I know works.

• Clarity – Be clear about the outcome you want to create. Assign specifics
• Commitment – Give your signature to your commitment
• Chart your Course – Design a map of steps towards your desired outcome
• Accountability – Have someone hold you accountable for your results
• Action – Take action each day towards your outcome

= Results

This is my formula for success:  C3+A2=R5

Write it Down

Richard Bandler who is one of the foremost experts in the teachings of NLP talks about what creates happiness as it relates to results. He writes about how having short obtainable goals are what our nervous system likes releasing pleasure impulses that give us feelings of satisfaction. He talks about how having a goal that is long and drawn out does the opposite he suggests that breaking it down into small measurable outcomes will create the “good feeling” outcome that will help in getting a big project done.

I know this feeling very well. I set out to write a book two year ago. It took me over a year to finish it. There were so many times I wanted to give up because there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. I didn’t have the same feeling when I created my website were I collaborated on the project with someone I enjoyed working with where we set weekly completion goals. It took about three months to complete including branding, photo shoots, videos, content, business name, product development, choosing & setting-up a CRM,….. happy success.

This year for me is about being around people who are more like me. People who live an extraordinary life, are conscious, caring, in action, loving, concerned, healthy and happy. So what is my plan?

  • Attend Workshops for Entrepreneurs
  • Create a Group of Conscious, Creative, Collaborative, and Community
  • Have lunch once a week with a bold, brilliant businessperson

So far so good! I have a spot reserved each week on my calendar to fulfill on my promise. I made a list of people who I want to get to meet or get to know better. I have booked a workshop already for the last week in January to attend a seminar for high-level entrepreneurs working inside of a small group with Jay Abraham.

How about you? What is your strategy for success for 2014? What are you willing to do in order to have the results that you deserve this year?

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